Zentangle Untangled Blog Hop & Review

The Zentangle® Untangled Blog Hop

This is the 4th day of a 12 day blog hop featured around the book Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall.  Every day or so a member of this hop will share something--a review, artwork or thoughts based around the book.

I've written a review, along with some artwork that uses the tangles included in the book (see below).

Here is a list of the hop member blogs and that dates that each will post.

  • Monday July 23 - START - Kass Hal
  • Tuesday July 24 - Jill Berry
  • Wednesday July 25 - Rachel Grieg 
  • Thursday July 26 - Sandra Strait - You Are Here!
  • Friday July 27 - Melanie Testa
  • Saturday July 28 - Ingrid Dijkers
  • Monday July 30 - Pam Garrison
  • Tuesday July 31 - Genevieve Crabe
  • Wednesday August 1 - Traci Bautista 
  • Thursday August 2 - Fran Meneley
  • Friday August 3 - Jane Davenport 
  • Saturday August 4 - FINISH - Kass Hall (major prize giveaway)

  • Review of Zentangle Untangled 
    ~a book of Inspiration and Prompts for Meditative Drawing~

    I was sent a review copy, so what I have in hand may differ somewhat from the book that is being sold.

    No of Pages: 128 pages
    Size: 8.3 x 10.9 inches
    Weight: 2 pounds 

    Look & Feel
    The book is a paperback with a cardstock cover.  The sections are stitched, but the cover is glued on.  The pages have enough spring that you might have trouble keeping the book open.  I can't recommend bending the book backwards because the glue could crack.  However, I took the chance, opening and bending it in 3 or 4 places toward the center and was able to make the book lie flat.  My personal style requires that both my hands are free for drawing, so I need a drawing book to lie flat.

    The pages are a heavy, glossy white that might be hard on the eyes, except that the lay-out skillfully uses blue-gray backgrounds and images break-outs to keep that from happening.  

    The trade-off for those glossy pages is weight.  I'll be reading this book at home, but probably won't carry it around with me.

    Overview of content
    Zentangle generally relies more on images than words to convey meaning. Zentangle Untangled goes into more explanation than other similar books I've read, but not to excess.   
    While the focus is on Zentangle, the book also explores Color Theory, Art Materials, and Art Journaling.

    Images are plentiful, colorful and beautiful.

    The book can be read front to back, or browsed at random, though some chapters, such as the one on Color Theory, are more helpful if read beginning to end.

    The steps to 12 tangle patterns are found in Chapter Two, and examples of many others are found throughout the book. Kass includes her own tangles, official tangles such as Mooka,and tangle patterns submitted from other tanglers, many of whom you may recognize--CZTs Genevieve Crabe and Sue Clark, just to name a couple.   

    What does this book have that other Zentangle books do not?  

    I feel that it has more answers to the question 'What is Zentangle?'.  That is not an easy subject to explain, and the book doesn't explain it all, but if you've been tangling for a while, and are still unsure of the answer, you might find it here.

    The author discusses her own journey with art and Zentangle giving this book a more personal feeling than many and I think it may appeal to those who are interested in the journey as much as the tangle patterns.

    At 128 pages, this is just a longer Zentangle book than most.  I don't know that it has anything unique but it takes the time to be more thorough on each subject.

    ~Part One~
    Chapter 1: The Beginning
    In the Beginning
    History of Zentangle
    Traditional Zentangle Materials
    Relaxation and Focus

    Chapter 2: Tangling
    Let's Get Our Tangle On
    Cabin Floor
    Bronx Cheer
    Shading Zentangles
    Black-and-white Zentangle Gallery

    ~Part Two~
    Chapter 3: Color
    Color Me Happy
    Basic Color Theory
    12-Part Color Wheel
    Secondary Color Wheel
    Complementary Colors
    Analogous Colors
    Monochromatic Colors

    Chapter 4: Art Materials
    Art-Material Intervention
    Sakura Pens: Microns, Souffle and Glaze Pens
    Colored Pencils
    Liquid Ink and Pen
    Watercolor Pencils
    Watercolor Paint
    Acrylic Paint

    Chapter 5: Art Journal
    Art Journalism
    Titles and Lettering
    Zentangle as a Background
    Zentangle and Patterned Paper
    Page Accents
    Rubber Stamps and Zentangle
    Creating Shape with Zentangle
    Zentangle and Photography
    Zentangle Goes Digital
    Digital Mysteria
    It's That Easy

    Zentangle Gallery
    Digital Zentangle Gallery
    Further Reading
    About Kass

    Artwork created using tangle patterns from the book and ideas from the chapter on Art Journaling.