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Friday, July 27, 2012

Zentangle Untangled Blog Hop-Where To Hop Today

Today is the fifth day of a 12 day blog hop featured around the book Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall.  Every day or so a member of this hop will share something--a review, artwork or thoughts based around the book.

This blog hop is being run a little differently than most.  Only one member will post each day. I'm going to post this each day, so you'll know who is posting and can hop over to their blog (except on the 26th, because that's MY day!).

Here is a list of the hop member blogs and that dates that each will post.

  • Monday July 23 - START - Kass Hal
  • Tuesday July 24 - Jill Berry
  • Wednesday July 25 - Rachel Grieg 
  • Thursday July 26 - Sandra Strait - You Are Here!
  • Friday July 27 - Melanie Testa
  • Saturday July 28 - Ingrid Dijkers
  • Monday July 30 - Pam Garrison
  • Tuesday July 31 - Genevieve Crabe
  • Wednesday August 1 - Traci Bautista 
  • Thursday August 2 - Fran Meneley
  • Friday August 3 - Jane Davenport 
  • Saturday August 4 - FINISH -  Kass Hal (major prize giveaway)