Review of the Smead 100% Recycled Expanding File

One of the items I won last year was a Smead 100% Recycled Colored Expanding File.  

Although I like the tea-green coloring, me being me, I couldn't leave it that way and gussied it up with metallic markers and art pens!

Now that I've made it all pretty, I've set it in the office where I'll be using it for storing all my documentation and bills for the year.

I'll be retiring the Smead stadium file that I used for last year's stuff.  Originally, I started using it to organize the zentangle patterns I was creating, but ended up using it for my bills and documentation instead.

At the end of each year, I wrap a band around my file organizer and put it in a box that can hold several years worth.  I don't often need to locate past documentation, but when I need to I really need to.  I've found this system is easy to store, and even easier for locating what I need.

With my expanding file I won't have to locate anything to tie it shut next year as it has a nice sturdy band fastened to it.

The lightly scored sections on the flap make it easy to fold it over to the exact size needed.

The file has 12 pockets, each labeled Alphabetically, by Month (in both English & French) and  Daily 1-31, so you have choices for organizing your documents.

The pockets expand to 7/8 of an inch, so I'll have plenty of room.  Experience tells me I'll need it!

The inserts are sturdy, so they'll hold up to lots of shuffling and searching as papers are added, looked for, and moved around.

As the title explains, the file is 100% recycled, with 30% coming from post consumer material.  The file is well put together.  The grommet holding the band is tightly inset, designed to take a tugging as that band is used to open and close an ever-expanding file.  The material is stiff enough to be sturdy but flexible enough that it won't easily tear.

I want to thank Smead for holding their giveaway and giving me the chance to win it!