Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Journal52: Prompt 39-In the City #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

This week's prompt was 'In the City' (I wrote it down incorrectly *sigh*).

My process is below for those interested.

1. I used a Shock Yellow Light Montana Marker to color the entire page.

2. Then I used Shock Orange to color around the shape of the buildings.  I didn't pencil in my buildings, beforehand, but you certainly could.  

I wanted a funky look and playing with perspective can give you that.  I've found that perspective doesn't have to be correct if you aim for a cartoony or surreal effect, but if you distort it, try to distort everything the same way.  Also, unless you are trying to make something stick out like a sore thumb--make everything distorted, or keep the perspective correct for everything.  Mixing the two doesn't work too well, usually.

3. You can get empty Montana Markers and fill them with other brands of fluid acrylic paint.  I have one filled with an electric pink from Spectra.  I used that to deepen the upper part of the sky--it doesn't show up well in the scan making my background look like a pumpkin color when it is really more of a red-orange.

4. I switched to Sharpie brush point markers at this time.  I used purple to color in the shadowed sides of the building, leaving yellow squares to represent windows.

5.  I used Burgundy for the front of the buildings, again leaving squares for the windows, and then added Dark Blue to the center of the shadowed sides.

6-finish.  At this point I was flipping back and forth through colors so often that I couldn't really photograph every step.  I used a fluorescent green Sharpie (regular tip) to shadow the windows and roofs, and a darker green for the grass.  I squirkled (a kind of scribbling to add texture) some purple along the right side of the building fronts using a Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel pen.

I used the purple and dark blue Sharpies to add the shadows and blended into the grass.  The scan didn't pick up all the color, and on the actual page the shadows and hillside are more thoroughly blended together.

The buildings in the background were added with the purple and green Sharpies.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Lobster Salad #Zentangle #ZentangleInspiredArt #ZIA

A while back I bought a 22 x 26 sheet of Fabriano Tiziano in beautiful aqua color.  I tore into smaller sizes and have slowly but surely been tangling on them.  I've only got a few pieces left before I'll be finished and will then sew them into a book.

This one was drawn using a 0.4 Hi-Tec-C Maica pen in blue-black.  I love these pens.  They are a hard-tipped gel ink pen.  The ink flows more steadily than you find with many gel ink pens.  They aren't water-proof--in fact, you can make glorious watercolors with them, but, as you can see here, they work beautifully for line work.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Journal52 Prompts 37 & 38 #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

I combined the prompts #37-Newspaper and #38-Rhyme Time.  Although I'd meant this to look like a map, it more resembles a postage stamp, lol.  Nonetheless, I'm happy enough with it.

To get my rhymes, I went through the newspaper looking for words that rhymed.  Finding them proved harder than I expected, and took three times as long as creating the actual page.  I finally found 5 sets that rhymed and these became my street 'corners'.  You may not be able to read the words in the painting so I list them for you:

The corner of Art and Cart
The corner of Deer and Beer
The corner of Clock and Stock
The corner of Turn and Fern
The corner of Blight and Light

My process is listed below.  I had camera problems so unfortunately there are only a couple of photos.

(I've supplied links, so you can get more info on the products I used, but please shop around to be sure you get the best prices.)

Art Journal
Montana Markers 15mm tips-Acrylic Paint markers: Shock Blue, Shock Light Blue, Shock Yellow, Schock Kent Blood Red
Sharpie Brush Tip Marker: Purple
Easy Joint White Self-Adhesive Drywall Tape
Sakura White Gellyroll Pen
Decoupage Gel Medium

1. I cut clippings from the Newspaper.  Some had words that rhymed and some didn't.  I outlined the rhyming words then painted the clippings with Montana Markers, being careful not to color over the rhymes.

2. I primed the page by painting at random with Montana Markers in Shock Blue, Shock Lt Blue and Shock Kent Blood Red.  I wanted bright color so I went with the primaries.  Any acrylic paint would have done.

3. After the paint dried, I laid out the clippings to decide where I wanted them to go, I used the purple Sharpie Brush Pen to draw in my roads, around the clippings. I like the brush pen version, but any alcohol pen or marker would have worked (classic Sharpie tip, Bic markers, Copics, Spectrum Noir, etc.).

4. I used Decopauge gel medium to glue down the clippings.  Any gel medium would do (Mod Podge, Golden or Liquitex Gel medium, etc).

5. I tore strips of the self-adhesive drywall tape and used them to edge the road.  Because I cut some of the holes in half, I got that postage stamp look.  I'll have to use that to deliberately get the look in the future.

6. To blend the tape into the background just a little, I used the Shock Yellow marker along the edges and darkened the color of the newspaper clippings.

7. I used the Shock Kent Bloodred Montana Marker to outline the rhyming words more boldly.

8.  'The Corner of'' titles were written in with a white Gellyroll pen.

Although finding the rhyming words took quite a while, creating the page took about 1/2 hour.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-04#Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor #Zentangle

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Artist Drawing Paper 225 G/M2 /152 lbs 

Acid free, pH-neutral, light grain, for pen, pencil, charcoal, crayon, pastel.

One of the things I like to do with most papers, even if they are not watercolor--especially if they are not watercolor, is to try a very wet medium on them.  Like watercolor.  The way the paper handles tells me quite a bit about the overall quality.

So even though this is a drawing paper, I decided to try watercolor on one half. It handled very well, with only the slightest of dimpling, no curling or buckling and no pilling even working with wet into wet (wet paint added to water or other wet paint already on the paper).  It didn't take scrubbing too well, but that's to be expected.

For the second piece, I used a Pigma Micron and did my Zentangle-Inspired Art thing.  The pen fairly glide across the page, with clean, crisp lines and the ink dried almost immediately.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One from the Stockpile #Zentangle #ZIA #ZentangleInspiredArt

Okay.  I admit it.  I have no idea what paper or medium I used to do this one.  I'm pretty sure it was in one of my journals, and markers of some kind.  Usually, I try to add that information when I name a piece, but I didn't this time.

In my own defense, I crank out this stuff so fast that I have a backpile of art and it might be months before I get around to posting something.  I'll usually remember if I did something for a review because I'm thinking of what I'll say as I create the piece.  But otherwise, if I don't label the memory's disabled!

Hope you enjoy it anyway.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunrise at the Oasis #Watercolor #Sennelier #LifeImitatesDoodles

I've had these blocks of Sennelier Watercolor paper that a friend gave me for quite some time.  The problem was that the pages were glued together so strongly that I had the worst time trying to seperate them, and always ended up tearing the paper.

Recently, I bought an Unblocker from Cheap Joe's.  It's just a little plastic tool but oh, my it does the job!  Now I can use these blocks without fear of ruining what I've just painted.  Note, that a plastic knife might (might) work almost as well.

This was a quick study I did without any photo reference after we did sunsets in my watercolor class.  It brought home to me how much the paper does matter.  The paper can effect the colors and textures of your paint.

I found the colors (Gamboge, Cadmium Orange, Naphthol Red (just a touch) and Ultramarine Blue) were more muted and subtle than with the other papers I had used.  The texture of the paper showed up more.   I like it!

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Another Painting from the Heart! #Khadi #Watercolor #LifeImitatesDoodles

I've been playing around with watercolor on Khadi Paper - a handmade Indian paper.  I have a package of heart-shaped pieces that I found on sale.

Today, I'm sharing my Tiger's Heart.

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I have limited computer access this week, so I did up my lists ahead of time and they'll be a little sparse.  There will be no link lists this Saturday and Sunday, the 20th & 21st.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Painting from the Heart #Khadi #Watercolor #LifeImitatesDoodles

I picked a package of some heart-shaped Khadi paper from Daniel Smith's a while back.  It's a hand-made paper with a sort of linen-like texture.  Watercolor goes down nicely, and it's easy to lift.  I want to get some large pieces, but meanwhile, these are great to play with.  Last night, I did a Parrot's Heart.

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Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-03 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Aquarelbloc Terschelling RUW 300 grams/140 lbs Watercolor Rough

Acid free, white watercolour paper, made of 100% wood free cellulose.

Two things you always need to look at with watercolor:
The Weight-Even if you've used a particular brand of paper before, you might find that the textures and tooth differ with the weight.
The Finish-You'll see the words Cold Press (CP or NOT or Medium Finish), Hot Press (HP or Demi-Satine) and Rough (R) on most watercolor papers.  You might also see Soft Press (SP) or other similar designations.  This refers to the 'wove finish' or texture created by the machines and tools used to make the paper.  There are no standards so a Cold-Press paper from one brand might be more like a Rough in another.

I bring up these points because the weight and finish of this paper differed considerably from the other Terschelling papers that I'll be posting about as part of my Watercolor Wednesday with Schut series.

This is a paper for someone with watercolor experience, and even then it will be challenging.  It is a soft paper, very absorbent and not very forgiving.  It is difficult to lift color, and it will tear if you are not very careful when removing masking tape or liquid frisket.

So why, you may ask, is this a good paper?  You can get expression and mood on this paper, dramatic glazes and textures.  If you know the paper will tear, then you can use that for texture as I did with my white flowers on the second painting.  The quality of the color is just different than with most papers. It's hard to explain.

If you are willing to take on a challenging paper and learn how it needs to be used, you find the results satisfying.  Just be prepared for a little frustration on the way there.  Out of all the papers in the sampler, I think I did my best works on this one.

Edited to add that both of these paintings were adapted from exercises in the book "Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors' by Ray "Hendershot.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spooky Hollow #Watercolor #Qor #Arches

Halloween must have been on my mind, when I was painting this.

I was playing with a set of Golden's new watercolors--the introductory set with Indian Yellow, Cerulean Blue Chromium, Ultramarine Blue, Pyrrole Red Light, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, and Burnt Sienna (Natural).

Do you see the owl?

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I have limited computer access this week, so I did up my lists ahead of time and they'll be a little sparse.  Still some good stuff though!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Tom Lynch Palette #TomLynch #Watercolor #Holbein #DanielSmith

Tom Lynch is an artist that has many how to books on watercolors.  His paintings are bright and vibrant and pack a punch.  However, he uses many colors that are considered unstable and will fade quickly.  His books tend to promote his techniques without sharing too much detail on how to achieve them.  Having said that, if you are willing to read closely, there are some important techniques that can be found in them.

Recently, Daniel Smith's had a sale, and included were some Holbein paints that were part of a Tom Lynch palette.  Small tubes, but still the four colors were under $4!  I couldn't resist since I was buying some other things as well.

The four colors were Holbein Peacock Blue, Permanent Yellow Lemon, Permanent Green Light and Opera.  I added Holbein Burnt Sienna, which is another color I know Tom Lynch uses.

I think some of these colors may even be obsolete these days, but they're fun to play with.  I think I can get the same or similar results using Phthalo Blue, Azo Yellow or Hansa Yellow Lt.  I already use Holbein Opera, but might try substituting Quinacridone Magenta or Quinacridone Rose, and I have Permanent Green Light from Daniel Smith.  It will be interesting to see how close I can get.

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I'll have limited internet access this week, so I've made up my lists ahead of time, and there won't be as many links as usual.  Giveaway links, especially, will be few.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Review of the Life Vermilion A6 notebook #LifeVermillion #Zentangle #ZentangleInspiredArt

A while back I bought this Life Vermilion Notebook out of curiosity, was very impressed, but had other reviews to do first.  Along the way, the notebook got buried and I forgot about it.  Alas! I do this kind of thing too often!

While cleaning up, I found it again, was again impressed and decided I'd better do this review while I was thinking of it, because ...have I mentioned...I was impressed.

Paper Weight; 84.9 gsm
Weight: 1.73 oz
Paper Size: A6 (4.1 x 5.8 inches/ 105 x 148 mm)
Binding: Thread
Cover: Cardstock
Line Spacing: 7 mm (9/32 inches)
Number of Lines: 21
Number of Sheets: 32
Line-color: Vermilion
Paper-color: Cream
The Life Vermilion also comes in a graph format and B6 size.

Look and Feel
I've reviewed several high-quality notebooks in the past and the Life Vermilion holds it's own, but why was I impressed?  Because it's different.  It has quality, but stands out as it's own animal. Again, why?

The sewn binding, for one thing.  Rather than being glued or stapled, as many notebooks this size are, the Life Vermilion is sewn as one signature, with a lattice-style stitch.  You don't see the stitches on the inside, except for the middle page, but they are allowed to show on the outside, and make for an interesting texture.  I found the binding, not only visually appealing, but I liked the feel of it.  It does tickle though when I run my fingers across it.

This binding allows the notebook to lie flat when opened (though there is a slight spring to the pages)....

...and to be folded back completely, almost flat.. The pages look a bit crumpled in the photo, but those areas are actually ink I got on the edges while drawing.

The colors are also different.  The paper is red-lined (vermilion) on cream.  This gives a pinkish cast to the paper.  I couldn't get that cast to photograph or scan, so it may be a visual illusion and not present in all lights.  Some people might find that color off-putting, but I like it quite a bit.  I have not seen any other notebook with a similar coloring.

The coloring on the cover is the same red as the lines with a navy blue for contrast.  The cardstock cover seems slightly more ivory than the paper but that could also be illusion.

With its border, two-color printing, and simple design, the cover makes me think of vintage cookbooks.

The paper is smooth to the touch with no hint of tooth. It has a hard finish, but is too soft and flexible to be considered card stock. When you shake or flip through the book quickly, the paper makes a bright, almost metallic sound (which I associate with quality papers).

The cover is thicker and heavier paper, almost more like construction paper than card stock.

The flexibility of the notebook is both a plus and a detriment.  This is a book that you can bend and roll to fit most pockets or squeeze into the most crowded of purses.  It will also pick up nicks and creases.  The cover doesn't provide much protection for the paper, and there are no elastic bands to keep the book closed.

For me personally, the vintage-like feel of the book means that I won't mind the nicks and creases.  They'll just add to the look.  Extra care would need to be taken if you are someone who like to keep their notebooks pristine.

At $3.00 U.S., I might buy this notebook just for the differences, even if the paper wasn't quality. Fortunately, I don't have to make that decision, because the paper is high end, taking even fountain pen ink in stride.

I would definitely qualify this as fountain pen friendly paper.  The ink goes down without feathering  and dries quickly.  While there is some show-through on the back when the paper is held to the light, there is almost none when the paper lies flat.  Even where I saturated the dots I only got a few pinpoints of bleed-through.  I couldn't get any show-through or bleed-through to scan.

The cream color of the paper seemed to call for Sepia, so I used a Sepia Pigma Micron pen.
I used a black Micron that was almost out of ink for the shading.

Even when a paper is clearly not meant for wet media, I like to try it.  It tells me a lot about the strength and resiliency of the paper.

Although the paper absorbed the water quickly,which caused streaks and made washes difficult, there was only a little curl and very little dimpling.  Color lifted easily--almost too easily.  You would not be able to glaze with this paper.  There was no pilling at all, even where I dotted and scrubbed.

None of the color bled through to the back.

As expected, the texture of the paper changed somewhat, but not as much as I expected.

Not good media for watercolor, but you could do limited studies without harming the paper.

And then I did a bleedthrumanade. That's where I color one side of the page using alcohol markers, Copics, in this case.  I then do line-work, and sometimes additional coloring with media that won't bleed-through.  When I've finished, I flip to the back of the page, and use the color that has bled through as the base for a completely different drawing.

Unless specially treated or very thick paper, alcohol marker will always bleed-through.  It's just a matter of how much.  Sometimes the color is almost indistinguishable from the front.  Other times, it's a pale imitation.

On the front of this page I used Pigma Micron pen and a gray Fabrico pen.

Front of the page
About 75% of the color bled through.  I used Fountain Pen with J. Herbin 1670 Ocean Bleu ink for the line work, the gray Fabrico and Pigma Micron for the shading.  None of the fountain pen ink bled through to the front.

I was a little surprised.  Given the small amount of fountain pen and watercolor bleed-through,, I had expected less bleed-through with the alcohol markers.  More like 50%.

The Life Vermilion is a notebook with a simple color design, unique binding and line color.  It's flexible and sturdy.  The flexibility means it could easily be creased, but the vintage-like feel of the book makes that less disturbing than it might normally be.

The paper is high quality, fountain pen friendly, and even able to take the rigors of water media, should you feel the need for it.

Some people will love the red lines on cream paper (I do), others will find it off-putting.  It does change the way some ink colors look.

At $3.00 for the A6 size, it's cheap enough for you to give it a try and decide for yourself, should you be curious.  You can find these books at Jetpens.

Disclaimer:  I bought this book myself because I wanted to try it out.  No person or organization asked me to do this review.  I just wanted to share the information.  I linked to Jetpens as a place of purchase because that is where I bought it, and I personally like the store.  I always recommend that you compare prices, and look for local businesses that might carry the Life Vermilion book.

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Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-02 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers. And, okay--I called it Watercolor Wednesday, but half the time I'll be showing you pen, fountain pen and marker work on drawing paper.  So, sue me, lol.  I just liked the alliteration of Watercolor Wednesday!

Schut Laurier 250 grams/115 lbs Printmaking paper

Printmaking paper made of 100% cotton.  This is a heavy, but flexible paper that folds without creasing or breaking.  It has a soft finish, almost fuzzy so it might clog some pens.

Since it is printmaking paper, it would be great for Gelli plates and other types of hand printmaking.  I don't get into that much so I used fountain pens on the first piece and Pigma Graphic .05 Sepia on the second.  Despite my comment about clogging, I had no problems in that area.  I'd still hesitate to use finer point pens, especially those with fabric tips like the Pigma Micron.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

At Last! I conquered the St-Armand! #St-Armand #Watercolor #RoughWatercolorPaper

I've been struggling with this St-Armand Watercolor paper.  It's a very rough textured, extremely absorbent paper and I've found it difficult to work with.

But as often as not, challenging paper isn't bad paper.  It's just challenging.  You have to learn how to use it.  With this piece, I felt I used it to advantage, getting brighter colors and with lots of dry brushing to get texture from the rough surface.

This happens to be the last piece of this paper that I have.  I'm debating whether to buy more.  Probably I won't just because I have quite a bit of paper already.  I'll certainly keep it in mind though because it might be just the right paper for certain subjects.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

A Gathering of Patterns #Watercolor, #KDAllegri, #Shizen

Last Thursday, I posted one of the paintings I did in my watercolor class (KD Allegri Art).

We were focusing on the human figure (with a theme of Africa) and I had time to do a second painting.  I had a reference photo (from the Morguefile) of a group of women dressed in black and white clothing that was adorned with patterns.  Instead of going for color, I decided to do a monochromatic painting (well, I actually used two colors-Gamboge for the background, and the rest was a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, but I used different combinations of the two colors to get some variation).

I did very little shading on the dresses, letting the patterns define their shape.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Suspended in Time and Resin! #AmazingMoldPutty #AmazingClearCast #AmazingCraftingProducts

Last week I shared a Leopard that I made with Amazing Mold Putty and origami.  Well, I fell in love with that origami piece and decided to preserve it forever.  Today my post at the Amazing Mold Putty Blog shows you how I suspended my origami piece in resin.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Almost Home #Watercolor, #KDAllegri, #Shizen

In last week's watercolor class (KD Allegri Art) we focused on drawing the human figure.  The theme of this 7 week course has been Africa.  The focus is on a loose style that takes advantage of the inherent nature of watercolor.

The idea for the paintings we did was to focus on the human form, not the detail, and to have fun with the colorful clothing.  So I did!

This was done on Shizen paper.  It has a rough texture, but the finish keeps the color on the surface.  It's easy to lift color for effects, and to help correct with mistakes.  Both sides of the paper can be used.  It's also deckled on all four sides, which is nice.

The paper is not cut to exact size--it's hand torn. So even though the package says 8x8, in some places it might be 7 1/2 and others might be 8 1/2.  This is both good and bad when it comes to framing.  It works great for a 'floating' frame, where you put the paper on top of the matting instead of below.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-01 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Recently, I was sent a sampler of Schut papers.  It contained 23 sheets with a mix of watercolor, acrylic, drawing and printmaking papers.  Also included were the covers that would come with the block or pad of papers.

With a couple of exceptions, I did two paintings per sheet, 1/2 page each.  On the back of each painting, I made notes regarding the qualities of the paper and anything I wanted to remember about the painting itself.

Once I finished testing all the papers, I folded them in half and bound them into two journals, one for the watercolors and one for the other types of paper.  I decided to add the covers as well because of the information they contained.  Plus it made the journals funky!

I won't post all the notes, because I wasn't being careful with my handwriting--more trying to get the information down while it was fresh.  I usually do take notes like this, if I'm going to review something, just not on the drawing/paintings itself.

But to show you what I mean, here's an example of the type of notes I made:

I decided that rather than throw all of these drawing/paintings at you all at once, I'd make this a weekly thing, so I'll be posting the two pieces I did on one sheet, one each Wednesday.   I'll write up a mini-review of the paper.  Nothing extensive, but enough to give you some idea of the qualities of  the paper.

Schut Terschelling AquarelBloc Classic 200 G/M2 (95 lbs) Cold-Pressed

Acid free, white watercolour paper, made of 100% wood free cellulose. Student-grade.  For those who like a harder finish.  The paint moves well, and lifts well for misty effects or correcting mistakes.  Takes both masking tape and friskit with no problem. It dimples a little with heavy washes, and a few remain along the edges even after weighted down.  The paper takes some scrubbing, but if you lift very much, it becomes difficult to paint over.  This happened to me with the pears.  I used Gellyroll pens to fill in the areas I could no longer paint on, and was pleased with the result.

Although student-grade, I liked watercolor paper.  I like a hard-surface and I liked the texture and finish.  This would be a great paper for beginners, intermediate artists and professionals who want a cheaper paper for practice.

Ginger Horse #ZentangleInspiredArt #FountainPen #PenAndInk

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