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The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Weekly Zentangle Challenge 240-will be late this week

Tangle Patterns: TanglePatterns String 179

Tangle Patterns: STORIES: Zentangle® helps express feelings without words

Art Journaling Prompts & Inspiration
Prompt #1517 Visual Prompt of the Week – Looking Through a New Lens

How to Paint a Galaxy With Watercolor - a Nebula - Universe
Practicing Intuition | 9 Underpainting Exercises for Pastel
How to Create a Gratitude Journal 

Artist's Network giveaway-Pen, Journal, Zen Doodle Workshop (magazine), Chameleon Marker Set
FrugalCrafter-Snapdragons in Watercolor & 10 Giveaways

Hamsa Coloring Book – It’s Downloadable and Free