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The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Weekly Zentangle Challenge 275
Eni Oken's Shading challenge #47: CornerZ

TanglePatterns String 217

Pattern-Collections Beginner's Guide Part 7, 8

Zentangle® Video: Ruffel
Drupe Pattern Video

Pattern-Collections New: Flowking
Pattern-Collections New: MeetingZ
Pattern-Collections New: Shasta
Pattern-Collections New: I Am
Pattern-Collections New: Dragonfly
Pattern-Collections New: JI
Pattern-Collections New: Grubs Squiggle

Art Journaling Prompts & Inspiration
Art Journaling: Step by Step Butterfly Page

Watercolor Techniques - Creating Shadow Shapes with a Limited Palette
5 Ideas for Using Washi Tape
Amazing Paper Mushrooms

Coloring Book Giveaway - Enter each Day In July for a chance to win
Denim Journal Giveaway Challenge
Zebra Pen Back to School Sweepstakes

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