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The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Weekly Zentangle Challenge 284

TanglePatterns String 226

Vega Zentangle Pattern Video
Zentangle® Muster Wirlz

Pattern-Collections New: Tem
Pattern-Collections New: x Sweet Dreams
Pattern-Collections New: Chicken-Gods
Pattern-Collections New: Aki-Chain
Pattern-Collections New: Sun Cone
Pattern-Collections New: Idea

Tutorials & Art Journaling Prompts
A Brush With Watercolor Brushes-Free Mini-tutorial in brush techniques
Muse30 Prompt #25
DIY Coarse Embossing Powder

Willowing Arts Giveaway 
How to Develop an Artistic Hand Lettering Style
Penhabit Giveaway-Aurora Optima Fountain Pen
The Lamy LX Pre-Release Giveaway

Pen & Ink
Review: Papier Tigre Notebook
Carnival of Creativity 9/11/16