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The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Pattern-Collections Daily Pattern Focus
Eni Oken's Shading CHALLENGE - Eni is offline until 9/19
Square One: Purely Zentangle Weekly Pattern Focus
Weekly Challenge #73: Tangle with P-F-W 

Tips for Tangling RAIN

Kochlea Zentangle Pattern Video
Ing Zentangle Pattern Video
Zentangle® Muster Elata

TanglePatterns: How to draw ELEGANZA
TanglePatterns: How to draw 1/2 ORBS
Pattern-Collections New: Candy Corn
Pattern-Collections New: Dem Bones
Pattern-Collections New: Spiderize 
Pattern-Collections New: Punkin' Vine
Pattern-Collections New: Rosey
Pattern-Collections New: Plip
Pattern-Collections New: Rogert
Pattern-Collections New: Cails

Weekly Zentangle Roundup #289

Tutorials & Art Journaling Prompts
Journal52 Art Journaling Prompt 37: Sunrise or Sunset
Fall leaf in watercolor tutorial
Gelli® Printed Tote Bag
DIY Paper Mache Fruit Bowl
This week in #art and #creativity

Colorit Giveaway-48 Gel Pens with case & refill given away every day in September
Willowing Arts Giveaway 
Postman's Knock Giveaway-Calligraphy Starter Kit
Jetpens Weekend Giveaway

Pen & Ink
Ink Shot Review: Franklin-Christoph Spanish Blue