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The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Pattern-Collections Daily Pattern Focus
Weekly Zentangle Challenge 304

TanglePatterns String 249

Daily Tangle - Ditto
Crazy Huggins Tangle Pattern Lesson #149
Daily Tangle - Rubenesque

New Patterns
Pattern-Collections New: Muffake
Bubble in a garden tangle
Shooting Star Tangle
Pattern-Collections New: Loopity
Pattern-Collections New: Stringel
Pattern-Collections New: Nummel
Pattern-Collections New: Prop-Zer

Tutorials & Art Journaling Prompts
How to Mix Skin-Tones with Watercolor
How To Paint A Horse in Acrylic
Leftover Scraps Become Mixed Media Art
Let's Make a Rug
Rhodia bullet journaling post 6: Trackers

Magical Dawn Coloring Book by Hanna Karlzon Magical Dawn Coloring Book
Goodreads Giveaway-Ornamentals Feel Good Words To-Go: 50 Portable Feel Good Words
Baron Fig Alphabet Limited Edition Squire Pen Giveaway
Pen Habit Giveaway- Fisher of Pens Apollo Fountain Pen