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If you are here for the emnotes giveaway, you can find it here.

The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Pattern-Collections Daily Pattern Focus
Weekly Challenge #98: Tangle with E-F-G
Zentangle All Around Challenge
'A' Tangles

Pattern-Collections Weekly String
Daily Tangle - Cinquefoil

Pattern Videos
Deco - an art deco inspired pattern
A dalfa Tangle Pattern Lesson # 190
Pentnep - a quick and easy daily tangle
Petal 7 - a colorful daily tangle
Zendala °1
Daily Tangle - Viaduct

New Patterns
How to draw APACORE
How to Draw Scallamp

Week 11 of the Go-To Pattern Library
Weekly Zentangle Roundup #322
Embracing your Zentangle practice

Fantasy Landscape Resources
Three Bears Step-out
Lavender Plant Step-out

Tutorials & Art Journaling Prompts
Journal52 – Week 23: Abide
4 Tips for Painting Still Water (any medium)
Crayon Resist, Art on a Shoe String
Darling Dangles for Your Bullet Journal