The winner of the Pigma Micron Pen Case/Tombow Fudenosuke pen giveaway is....

....Vedha S!  She has been contacted via email.  The winner of the Stonehenge Aqua paper will be announced at the Doodlewash blog this evening.

The giveaway for the Pigma Micron Pen Case/Tombow Fudenosuke pen has been my biggest ever!  I want to thank everyone who entered.  I wish I could send one to you all (really.  I wish I was rich enough to do that, lol!).  But now that I know how popular these items are, I will give away more of them in the future.

As it is, if I can get some examples done in time, I plan to have another giveaway this coming Friday for a tin of Hahnemühle YouTangle.Art tiles! The review will be on Thursday.

And since this last giveaway was to inform people about my new Fun & Easy Landscape Facebook group, I'll plug it again.  If you have been following my Fun & Easy Landscape series of step-outs, step-wiselys and step-by-steps, you can now share your work at my Facebook group.  You can also find prompts, challenges and tips that won't be posted here.  You can join the group here.