Giveaway- A Taste of Zensations Zebra Pens @ZebraPenUS #Pens #Giveaway #Zensations

Did you get in on the 50% off sale at Zebra Pens yesterday?  I did and my shopping list looked like this:

Zensations Brush Pen Double Ended Fine and Medium Black 1Pk  
Zensations Technical Pen Assorted Point Sizes Black 3Pk  
Zensations Fountain Pen 0.6mm Black 2Pk 
Zensations Fineliner Pen 0.8mm Assorted 12Pk   
    Zensations Colored Pencil Assorted 12Pk  

Why yes.  I am having another giveaway! Giveaway is closed! That's three going on now. Enter for a chance to win all the items listed above, plus 
the pen case pictured below.  You can't buy these, so I set aside one from my Zensations Ambassador package for this purpose.

Read on below for the giveaway information.

Let's hope my package arrives soon!

Who Can Enter? 
This giveaway is international.

What Is the Prize?  
One Zensations Brush Pen Double Ended Fine and Medium Black 
Three Zensations Technical Pen Assorted Point Sizes Black Ink
Two Zensations Fountain Pen 0.6mm Black Ink
Twelve Zensations Fineliner Pen 0.8mm, Assorted Colors
    Twelve Zensations Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors
    One Zebra Pen Pen Case as shown in the photo above

NOTE: I wanted to get this giveaway started so the prize might arrive before Christmas, but no guarantees that it will.  I don't have the package yet.  If any items fail to arrive, they won't be included.  

To Enter Here: Cut and paste an entry phrase - these words: 'I Want a Taste of Zensations' into the subject line of an email, and send it to LifeImitatesDoodles [at] GMail[dot] com. (Replace the words enclosed in [ ] with an @ and a . and make sure there are no spaces).

When does the giveaway start and end? Giveaway is over!
The giveaway here starts on 11/28/17 at 05:00 AM PST and ends Saturday 12/9/17 at 11:59 PM PST. I'll notify the winner by responding to the email that was sent as an entry.

How will you know if you won? I will notify the winner by responding to their winning email entries.

Disclaimer: I am a Zebra Pens Artist Ambassador, and I am including one pen case that came with my Ambassador package. However, I purchased everything else with my own funds.  Zebra Pens did not ask me to hold this giveaway.  It was my own idea. 

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