Eco-house, another pencil blender

Geneviève Crabe and sadiavt both commented and told me about a Zest-It competitor called Eco-House. Sadiavt kindly looked up the information and I'm sharing it. I haven't used either product, but they both look interesting.

Eco-House Inc – Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner
A Canadian product equivalent to Zest-It. A Solvent must be capable of dissolving resins, oils, waxes and fats. This means that vital human organs are at risk when volatile solvents enter the body by inhalation. Eco-House Extra Mild Citrus Thinner combines the solving action of natural orange peel oil in food quality with highly purified mineral oils, which are 100% volatile and free of aggressive aromatics.
The product’s actual name:
Eco-House 115 Extra-Mild Citrus Cleaner


  1. Thanks for that info, Genevieve. Wonder if there is a similar product (or soon will be) in the U.S.

  2. Silly me! As you indicated at the end of your message above, Eco House is available at But it is touted as a 'cleaner'. I'm not savvy about art supplies, so will wait for a hands-on demo.... or maybe youtube has something. Will concentrate on plain, simple zentangle art for now.

  3. When I read about Zest It the first thing that came to mind was the orange based solvent cleaner De-Solv-It I already had in my cleaning supplies. It's meant for 'sticky spot removal'. Gave it a try and it worked great...smells nice too :) Available in Australia in supermarkets (not sure about US or Canada) but I'm sure you have similar.

  4. It would be interesting to compare the ingredient list for each of these products. Since Geneviève's husband, Cliff, is an accomplished color pencil artist (you can see his work's_Custom_Creations/Welcome.html), he has probably seen how the Eco-house holds up over time. That would be my main concern about the De-Solv-it. Chances are they are very similar, but you never know.


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