New tangle pattern enhancement Moquette

This pattern was drawn in one of Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Organizers Layout #1.  For a review, and a chance to win one of her Organizers or one of her Journal 2012s, please check out my giveaway.

Moquette is actually more of an 'enhancement like 'Aura' than an actual tangle.  I've shown it used with swirls and line hatching for shading.  You could use the same idea with any shapes hatched in a darkened area-tubes, circles, boxes, whatever.  Or you could shade with a pencil instead of using lines (although, I think the lines add interesting texture).

Line hatching just means a series of closely-placed lines going in the same direction.  If you add a second series of lines going in the opposite direction, you are cross-hatching, and you could do that as well, if you want areas that are darker than the hatched bit, but lighter than the completely blacked out portion.  I use hatching for most of my shading, not just with Moquette.

The main thing is that you have slightly lighter shapes in a very dark area.  You'll use up a lot of ink if you cover too large an area, but this is a wonderful background enhancement that adds elegance, while pushing your other more open tangles forward so that you get a 3D look.

By the way, the moquette refers to fabric or a rug with a heavy nap or tufting.  Mine made me think of Persian Carpets.


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