New Tangle pattern Knoblesse

This pattern was drawn in one of Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Organizers Layout #1.  
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This pattern made me think of a fancy door knob, so the name is a riff--some door is missing it's knob handle because I took it for the pattern.  It's knob-less *pause for laughter*.

Okay, maybe not so funny, lol, but it's a simple pattern, using circle, square and diamond. Easily varied and used as a single pattern, a string or fill.  

Mixing basic shapes like this is always an easy way to come up with an interesting pattern on the fly as well.  Just vary the size of the shapes and how they combine.


  1. this pattern is great fun and has lots of possibilities to give it a personal touch.
    thanks for sharing with us.

  2. very cool !endless possibilities!
    love the doodle!knoblesse taken by the wind,flying high...

  3. hi Sandra,
    your pattern inspired me to create this:
    I hope you don't mind i used your pattern this way.

  4. Thank you all!

    Jeannine, I'm honored that my pattern inspired you!


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