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Ben Kwok Template
The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Weekly Challenge #64: Tangle with A-Y-K

Ben Kwok Template: Lovebird

Pattern-Collections Author Focus: Sandy Hunter
Pattern-Collections Beginners Guide Part 3
Pattern-Collections Beginners Guide Part 4
Pattern-Collections: Beginners Guide Part 5
Pattern-Collections: Beginners Guide Part 6

Pattern Collections Strings 161718

Doodle Gems How to Draw Star Sapphire ep 15
How To Draw Celtic Design / Knots. Keltische Muster und Knoten zeichnen (Crossed Lines 4)  
Celtic Pattern - watch the process timelaps
Zentangle® Video: Ovy
Veezy Tangle Pattern Video

TanglePatterns: Tangle Refresher 132
TanglePatterns: How to Draw W3
Pattern-Collections New: Loopi-Nuts
Pattern-Collections New: Magnut
Pattern-Collections New: Aleaf
Pattern-Collections New: Insomnia
Pattern-Collections New: Birdz Border
Pattern-Collections New: E-Vine
Pattern-Collections New: Lobella
Pattern-Collections New: Snake Holes
Pattern-Collections New: Ryse
Pattern-Collections New: Petal 7
Pattern-Collections New: Ryse-Orb
Pattern-Collections New: Matu
Pattern-Collections New: Binaer
Pattern-Collections Oldie: Akoya

Weekly Zentangle Roundup #280

Art Journaling Prompts & Inspiration
Journal52 Prompt #25: Summer Nights OR Dog Days

Painting Hair in Watercolor Portrait with Jan Kunz
Pleated Lampshades DIY
Tutorial: Make a Grid

Coloring Book Giveaway - Enter each Day In July for a chance to win
Goulet Blue Giveaway - 4 Fountain Pens, Inks, Notebooks
Echo Park Paper Giveaway-Win the 'Fall Is In The Air' Scrapbook Collection
Stilovite Technical Drawing set Instagram giveaway
Gallery Leather Giveaway-Personalized Leather Oporto Desk Journal
Jetpens giveaway-Pilot Ageless Future Gel Pen & Rhodia Webnotebook
The Postman's Knock Giveaway-set of nibs & Manuscript straight holder 

Pen & Ink
Top 5 Beginner Fountain Pens (and Top 3 for the Risk-takers!)