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The Daily New Tangle Challenge
Pattern-Collections Daily Pattern Focus
My Diane & Carolien’s N-D-U Challenge Entry

Sandswirly Up 'n Down Tangle
Heartthrob Tangle Lesson Pattern #137
Daily Tangle - Flips-c
Daily Tangle - Salo
Chicken Gods Tangle Pattern
Akia Pods Tangle Pattern
How to draw Surf's up 🌊 Tanglepattern - Lesson 13
Pomcoco - a fun little tangle
Daily Tangle - Marigolden

New Patterns
TanglePatterns: How to Draw Knightspeek
TanglePatterns: How to Draw Achy-Breaky
Pattern-Collections New: Firabel
Pattern-Collections New: Eleven
Pattern-Collections New: Chicken Feet
Pattern-Collections New: Plyng
Pattern-Collections New: Binghua
Pattern-Collections New: Zen Gordia
Pattern-Collections New: Quark

Weekly Zentangle Roundup #306
Intentions, Orbs-la-Dee, and another Zentangle® Audio Meditation
Tips for Tangling Paradox

Tutorials & Art Journaling Prompts

Vintage Rose Painting Tutorial & How to Adapt Tutorials to YOUR Favorite Media
Breezy Hand-Lettering Tutorial
How to Illustrate Teapots & Cups
2017 Planner Guide!! DIY Stickers, Covers, and Organizational Tips
Drawing Lesson Orange Wedges in One Point Perspective Tutorial 2
32 FREE Downloadable Art Tutorials: Painting, Drawing and more