Giveaway - A Copy of the 'Tangle Starts' Alice Hendon's New Book! #TanglePatterns #Zentangle #Giveaway

One of my tangling buddies, Alice Hendon, CZT, has written a Tangle book!

"Let me host a giveaway, pretty please!" I begged, "So my readers will have an extra chance to win a copy." Alice is a generous person, and she's letting me do it!

Shehas already started the giveaway at her blog, 'The Creator's Leaf'.  Two people will each win a copy - one by entering here, and one by entering there.

I'm just hosting, though - she is giving both books!  Giveaway is closed!

I'm using my usual method for giveaways - having you send an email to enter.  It's a different email, though - they are all going to Alice.

My review copy hasn't arrived yet, but I'll be reviewing the book soon.  Meanwhile, you can read about it at The Creator's Leaf.

 Available as of today on
If you would like to win a copy of Tangle Starts, here is the information you need:

Giveaway is over!
Who Can Enter? 
This giveaway is international.

What Is the Prize?  
A paperback copy of 'Tangle Starts', the new tangle book by Alice Hendon.

To Enter Here: Cut and paste an entry phrase - these words: 'I Want a Second Chance to Win a Copy of Tangle Starts' into the subject line of an email, and send it to Alice at  kenoly2000 [at] hotmail [dot] com. (Replace the words enclosed in [ ] with an @ and a . and make sure there are no spaces).

To Enter at The Creator's Leaf:  Go to The Creator's Leaf and follow the instructions there. Alice started her giveaway on 11/24/17, so if you have already entered you do not need to enter again. Only one email will be accepted for each entry phrase - a total of two emails.

When does the giveaway start and end? 
The giveaway here starts on 11/27/17 at 05:00 AM PST and ends Saturday 12/9/17 at 10:00 PM EST.

How will you know if you won? Alice will notify both winners by responding to their winning email entries.

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