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I used one of the Hahnemühle YouTangle.Art tiles to do a Bleedthrumanade.
I'd never used Brusho crystals before so when I got some I wanted to do something quick & easy. 

I dropped some of the crystals onto the wet paper, move the color with a water brush, then dipped the brush in the crystals and flicked to get the splatter (top left).  The paper was so wet that the color
bled through to the back (top right).

I used a Higgins India Ink pen to draw my baseball plant (step-out coming soon) and Agave Blooms. I used a white gellyroll pen to add some detail and stars (bottom left) and then flipped the paper over and used a Zebra Pen Zensations Technical pen to draw my tree, grass and line work frame (bottom right). Zensations colored pencils were used to deepen the color in a few places.  

There was quite a bit of drying time, but actual painting and drawing time for these two day & night Fun & Easy Landscapes was about 15 minutes. 


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