My tangle patterns:Hoodwink

Bright white and deep red.  The sliced apple has a bold and striking appearance.  How could you not want one or two in your zentangles?

I also wanted to show off the cool ATC sized tangle cards I got from Sandra Bartholomew's zazzle site.  They were on sale for half price (not sure the sale is still on, sorry). 

They're an excellent quality--a slick surface that allows a sharp, crisp line.  The steps boxes are a little small for complicated patterns.  She has a larger size available for tangles like that. 
I love 'em.  I've already used up about 40 of them!


  1. That apple look real enuff for sure to pull off t he page, cover up in some caramel drippings, and eat!

  2. Thank you! I'll have to do a zendoodle of a carameled apple now, lol!

  3. I agree with Rondell , Sandra. This looks good enough to eat!! I love it !! Going to have fun with this one !! I didn't get any of Beez cards, Thought about it but got caught up in something else! Thanks again for your site Sandra. I started a blogspot too. Not necessarily about just zentangles. Telling my story here !!

    Keep tanglin... Rosie

  4. Hey Sandra! Your apple zentangle pattern is very cool and I love "Dragon Decorates for Christmas"!

  5. This is a wonderful happy piece... I love hoodwink...may even try one tonight...;)


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