Lacy: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern

We've long sought to replicate the beautiful patterns of nature.

Throughout the ages, lacemakers have decorated clothing and beautified tabletops and fancied up their furniture with fluffy, delicate, or elegant streams of lace.

You can enhance your zentangles with a touch of LACY. This particular pattern makes me think of my Grandma's parlor.

For a look at fantastic laces and fabrics, visit  Geology Urban Fossil's FLICKR photostream.
 She finds old fabrics, and recreates them into modern treasures.


  1. congratulations on your new blogg...(have wondered what "Molossus" means. thanks!)
    :-) carolyn

  2. I like this one... have been thinking of a zen that Lacy would be perfect for.

  3. Thank you both. Can't wait to see your zen, Marta!

  4. Oh, this pattern is super fun to create! Thank you! MK


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