My Tangle Patterns: Centrifuge, Kinder and Nebulous

This one seems a little like eggs in a basket....

And this one seems a little like kids running crazy on candy-highs, so I thought they were good choices for today.

I've been trying to get around to posting Nebulous all week, but something came up everytime I tried. So I'm posting it as well, even though it isn't very Easter-like.


  1. AWESOME !! Loving the new patterns ! I get lost in your work. Finding all sorts of little twists turns and ideas ! Thank you for sharing with us !! Hugs to you... Kristy

  2. Are these pages from yet another of your journals with your stories along with it ? Can't wait to share this adventure !!!

  3. Oh, Nebulous is so great!!!

  4. The Kinder picture is from one of my journals. I have most of the pages posted, but it was a late Christmas present for someone I don't see too often. I didn't have a chance to scan in the last few pages, worst luck! I have one more of those journals--I've been trying to decide the general idea. Possibly it will be the story of two kitties--Rosenose Tailtalker and her brother Tumbelly Turtletoes.

    Thank you both for the compliments!

  5. I love all of these... amazing!


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