My tangle pattern: Trifoil

Okay. This week's official obsession is with Celtic knots. I've been playing with them forever, but with the breakthrough I discovered in creating 'Intersect', I've got the key. I don't know if I'll ever crack some of the truly complex ones, but I'm going to try, lol!

For now, though, a simple one. I recommend playing with this one before using it in a zen. Our brains tend to be lazy. They want to focus on the whole thing, instead of looking at the repetitions within. Once you get past that tendency, the pattern is easy.



  1. Oh I like it! Now I need to dig out my book on how to create and draw celtic knots!

  2. Celtic knots are one of my favourites! I used one of it on a quilt years ago. There's much inspiration here:
    Maybe it will help you draw the tangles!

  3. I've tried coming up with an easy method to do these for years. I'm so thrilled to have finally figured it out, lol!


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