My tangle pattern "Slalom"

The happiest of Holidays to everyone.  What with Simplicity challenges and the beginning of the New Year peeking around the corner, I thought today was a good one to give you a tangle that focuses on one of the most basic of designs.

An Ogee pattern?  You know, those in and out lines that make you think of a string of garlic bulbs -- only lots prettier and not nearly as stinky. 

If you are a designer of any kind you need to know the term Ogee.  But for us enthusiastic tanglers, the important thing is that they are awesome-looking, but they can be hard to do well.  I often look at my attempts and wish they were more even.

Well.  The answer to that is always - practice.  So I came up with an exercise for myself, and, hey! It was fun.  Kind of like finger skiing down the page.  And I think it looks cool too. 

So now it's a tangle, and you can spend these cold wintry mornings exercising with garlic bulbs.


  1. I love it! Safe and happy holidays to you and yours.

    And thank you for all you do for us Tanglers

  2. Another lovely one! I always follow your inspiring art!
    Merry Christmas from Italy!!

  3. Thanks for this one - I need the practice to get the ins and outs even - always struggle with those.

  4. Love the title on this one! Thanks for sharing this and the directions for slalom.

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments! I hope your Holidays have been wonderful!

  6. Hi Sandra! gorgeous tangles as always !
    this one reminds me more of a scraper (maybe i spend too much time in the kitchen lol)i just wonder whats coming out the wholes...i love your spices !

  7. Hi Sandra, what a wonderful tangle, yet so simpel with lots of possibilities. Thanks for sharing with us, zentangle-freaks lol


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