Link to tangle patterns "Barbed", "Fishnet", "Ssstripe", "Name This Tangle" and "CWeedz"

A great day for tangle patterns.  It has always been a source of wonder to me how all of a sudden, people will all post something at once.  I've noticed it when I doing beta readings for fanfiction, and after a month or two of nothing, I'd suddenly get 10 requests at once.  I see the same thing with tangles.  There will be days with no new tangles, and then suddenly several will be posted.  Is it the weather?  The day of the week?  Scintillating conversation on the net?  What do you think?

And the fabulous tangles for today:

Claudia Ijben has posted instructions to "Barbed".  It's a pattern that uses alternating line directions to please the eye.

Mariët Dronten has posted instructions to her pattern, "Fishnet". Pay attention to the way she's shaded her example. It's awesome.

Cris has posted instructions to her first tangle patterns, "Ssstripe" and "CWeedz" and one, "Name This Tangle" that she is asking for help in naming.  Gather up your imaginations and give her some ideas, please!  (NOTE: Ssstripe and Name this Tangle are found in the same post, so you only need to click on one of them).