My tangle pattern "Biloxi"

Do you ever see a picture or a pattern and immediately have a word or place pop into your mind with no reason you can figure out?

This is a very common pattern, but I don't believe anyone has worked up tangle steps for it.  I know I've seen variations of it in quilts, and wall hangings buildings.  Which is where my question above, and the title for this pattern comes. 

Whenever I see this pattern, I get a vision of a movie theatre with insets of this design around the marquee, and the word Biloxi pops into mind.  I did a google search on Biloxi theatre and came up with nothing to explain the image, so I'm guessing I got it from a movie or TV series or a picture book.  Anyone have any ideas where it might have come from?


  1. This is really beautiful :) can you tell me if there are links anywhere to the steps sheets like you use? I would love to print some of to have a go myself. many thanks

  2. Thank you! I use several different template formats (mostly at whim) but you can find one of mine at Freehand Doodle patterns I know a couple other people have posted blank templates, but I couldn't find a keyword that would bring them up in a search.

    Linda Farmer has several versions available at her website (it's got almost everything you could want when it comes to zentangles!)

  3. Cool I like this one, I am partial to geometrics!
    Jane x


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