Daycraft Cookie Bookie Notebook Review & Artwork #zentangle

I won this cool Daycraft Cookie Bookie Notebook from Erin at La Plume Etoile.  There are a few great reviews already out there, so I had to think of what I could bring to your attention that was different.  Well...I draw.  I tangle and doodle and just because this notebook is lined, that doesn't mean it won't work for art!  

First-the description and some links to other fantastic reviews of Daycraft journals, planners, and notebooks.  This product isn't widely available in the US, and we need to change that, so start hounding your local suppliers!
The Daycraft site description
Check out these reviews

Description:Cheese cracker

Dimension:w125mm x h125mm
4.75" x 4.75"

No. of Page:144 pages

Cover Material: Fine Italian PU

Color: Brown/orange
Content: 6.5mm lined orange color paper
Special Note: Sandwich biscuit style exterior
I do have family visiting, so I've had to do my artwork a little here, and a little there, and the Cookie Bookie worked perfectly for this.  It made for a great conversation piece, as an item that child and adults alike fell in love with.  I had to give up one page for the kids to scribble on (*sigh*).  Not sure if I'll keep that page or 'save' it later.  The Micron I'd brought turned out to be low in ink, so I grabbed up one of the Pentel Energel that I have next to the computer.

The paper in the Cookie Bookie is a rich pumpkin orange that is perfect for both dark and light ink so besides the Energel, I used a  Pentel Sunburst white gel pen to draw my artwork, using my Rotring Rapidograph .18 for the fine line shading. The tangle names you see were written up using my Pilot Varsity disposable Fountain pens.

I love drawing on the paper.  The pens glide across it, and there was no feathering with either the Energel or the Rotring.   I'm a leftie, so I was concerned a bit that I'd have smearing or skipping caused by the oils in my hand, but neither occurred.  The orange provided a dramatic background, and the lines just faded away.  There was a little curl in the paper when I finished, but I think it will smooth out after the journal has been closed a while.  I even used a little watercolor on one page (not shown here), and there was very little buckling.  I'll be playing around with that some more, later.

I love this notebook.  I want more of them.  I saw a sketchbook at the DayCraft site that has me drooling (I drool a lot, by the way, lol).  Some of the links above have information concerning where they can be found, but if you know of any other place, please communicate.  We all want to know!

Meanwhile, check out my blog as time goes on.  You'll be seeing lots of Cookie Bookie artwork!


  1. I feel honored. :D Nice, Sandra!

  2. I like the Cookie Bookie, but I LOVE the artwork! *G*

  3. Oh that's a Hoot! I couldn't imagine when you said cookie bookie but when I scrolled down on my iPad I laughed when I saw the notebook! Very funny and cute!


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