The Daycraft Cookie bookie cat survives drowning

My parents did NOT name me Grace.  There is a good reason for that!

So I'm sitting in my chair surrounded by art supplies.  In front of me is a folding table with my easel, my markers, several books on watercolor, and several journals, all stacked high like a leaning tower of ...well...books and journals.

Beside me is a stool covered with a towel, holding my adorable little field sketch kit of Koi watercolor paints, various brushes and a nice-sized bucket of fresh water.  I'm holding a board and noodling away on the watercolor paper taped to it.

I'm sure you see inevitable looming.

Although the scene was set quite some time before, the drama begins when the phone rings.  Even though I have no reason to believe it is anything but telemarketer, I jump to my feet quickly.  The table must have been startled, because it jumped up and met my hip halfway (yes!  That's exactly what happened).  My tower of books remained steady. Until the easel hit it.

The tower trembled, and I reached to stop it, but managed to slam my board into it instead.  No slouch, when library book one began it's perilous slide toward the waterbowl, I grabbed it, but then library book two did a backward dive, and when I tried to catch it as well, I jostled the table again, and my tower babeled down into a rubble of books.  

Gasping, I surveyed the damage.  None.  I heaved a sigh of relief, picked them all up, intending to remove them to safer waters.  Alas.  Instead, my beloved, darling, wonderful Cookie Bookie journal dived from the top of the stack and landed in the bucket of water.  (This was a bad day for me, you understand)  *sob*

I fished the journal out as quickly as possible, but the spine and center were pretty thoroughly soaked.  I smoothed the paper carefully, and stacked it under some heavy books hoping no warping or wrinkling would occur.

Well,  I tell you.  The Daycraft is one tough Cookie bookie.  There some slight warping and stain on a few pages in the middle.  The binding and glue remain firm, and there is no smearing or transference of ink!  See, this is why I'm a good person to review these things--I test them in ways no one else does, lol! 
This page is the worst of it.  Probably you wouldn't even have noticed it I hadn't confessed.


  1. Love the story! I too have a similar situation. I actually have a nice desk in my studio but it's so full I only have spare room for a few pens or markers so I end up tangling on a clipboard in my lap. And my water bucket is perched precipitously on a roll of paper towels. Yeah, it's happened here too!


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