Review of Zentangle for Kidz! (and looky what I won!)

Before I start with the review, I want to show you what I won from Sandy Bartholomew's recent Minion! contest (check out her ZT for Kidz blog to see all the fabulous entries).

I won a copy of the Zentangle for Kidz book; a packet of tangle trading cards with the patterns cUdad, Btl Joos, Stubert, Pollen & Punch; 5 official zentangle tiles in cool case; a bookmark, and a lovely little zentangle button!  Life is Good!!!!  Thank you Sandy for a really cool and fun contest, and for the fabulous prizes!

And now on with the review.

Zentangle for Kidz!
Zentangle for Kidz is slanted toward the younger generations, but would also be excellent for those adults who are really, really convinced they will melt if they ever pick up a pencil (you've all met someone like that!).  The emphasis is on having fun.

The style is all Sandy's.  If you've seen either of her other books, you'd instantly know this one is hers.  But this one has the addition of Alex and Lilah-cartoon characters who guide you through the process of tangling, making you laugh along the way.  Lilah Beans abound!

Most of the tangles can be found in her other two books, though I didn't recognize the tangles Dyon, Yo, Snare, Jelly or Jelly Moon.  But the templates of a tangle trading card and tags that can be copied and  used for organizing your tangles are all new.  This would be a great book for a newbie, or your kids or just because you want to have fun!

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 20 pages, including covers
Portability: Easily carried, but too big for most purses. Perfect for folders.
What’s Inside
Stuff you need; How to Draw a Zentangle; Let's Tangle; Snakes & Borders; Easy Zendalas; Auras; Messing around with Tangles; Strings; Where to find patterns; Templates for organizing patterns; More Ideas.
The Tangles
Knightsbridge; Lilah Bean; Keeko; Florz; Buttercup; Kaleido; Cootie; Pane; Hollibaugh; Krust; Parabox; BB; Jetties; Puff-O; Gewgle; Punkin; Botto; Flutter; FlutterBi; Onamato; Meer; Shattuck; Knase; Zander; Squid; Sippy; Msst; Btl Joos; Yo; Twist; Pearlz; Dyon; Gust; Caral; Awdry; Snare; Flux; Pingline; Crescent Moon; Alps; Jelly; Jelly Moon; Zazzle; Tidal; Revel; Oshun; Mehndi Zendala


  1. Great review - you are very thorough! And very kind. :-) Yes, this book was written for people who have not attempted Totally Tangled or Yoga for Your Brain. Interesting, I have sold many copies to school teachers and beginning adults.
    Thanks Thanks thanks! And I'm glad you like your prizes. I like my new Minions! PS - Your Boop Beans send you kisses and say not to worry about them, they are in Lilah Bean Paradise. :-)

  2. Thank you! I knew my Boop Beans were going to like their new minion home!


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