My tangle pattern Curvaceous & Link to Geneviève Crabe's Giveaway

I saw a photo of curving spiral stairs and this pattern popped into my head.

Tip: You may find that as you hit the curves, you lose track of which way your line should go. You may have less problems if you focus on one section at a time. You are drawing triangles-2 smaller triangles inside a larger one.  Focus on the section your are one--draw the large triangle, and bisect it so you have three triangles.  Then draw the next triangle set and so on all the way down the curve.  If do get confused, though, just go with it.  Your curves will look a little different, that's all.

This tangle pattern was drawn in one of Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Organizers.  She is having a giveaway, so head over and check it out!


  1. Wow, this is awesome, like a Nautilus shell. Very nice. Thanks for sharing how to do it.

  2. This is another very powerful and lovely tangle. Well done, thank you.


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