My Tangle Pattern Koolapopper

This pattern was drawn in one Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Organizers.  There is still time to enter her giveaway(end 2/1/12).  You can find out more at  her blog.  

Take note of this drawing--it's one of the rare times you see me using a pencil, because I got caught out without a pen.  I don't like drawing with pencils (mini-rant: I don't like the smell, the feel or sound of one moving across the page. I don't like the way they smear and require fixative.  And I'm allergic to graphite.  I bet you've got the feeling that I don't like pencil.).  Lol.  Sounds like the lyrics to a song!

The pattern uses repetition--you divide a section into triangles, draw stripes along the edges, and then repeat that motif in the center.  As you can see from the example, You can fit this into almost any shape, and the variation is endless!

Oh--and the name.  It was one of those verification words you have to type in when leaving a blog comment.  And how could I resist a word like that?  I had to create a tangle just as an excuse to use it!


  1. i love this... tee hee, it reminds me of tighty whitie men's underwear. would go great with the tangle keenees, no?

  2. I saw the tighty whities, too. What does that say about us, lol! If you used this tangle a certain way it could be considered a tangleation of Keenees, I think. I have another ZIA coming up using this pattern, that is very definitely Keenees-like.

  3. Well, the above comments knocked the comment I had right out of my head....still laughing

  4. Yep, that's some undees, alright! The name is exquisite!! I just played with it and it is delicious when the shading happens! Thank you!!

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