Rhodia Journal Swap-Pages the First & Second, Shane's book

I'm so excited!  I'm at 499,649 views!  I'll probably hit 500,000 some time tomorrow.  *dances*  And I'm up to 474 followers, so I may see 500 followers before long.  Small victories, but they do tickle my fancy!

I'm late getting started in my Rhodia journal swap for this month's round. It's been hard getting any drawing or crafting done, and I've been working to get next week's review and giveaway ready to go.  Yep, another one coming up on Monday.

Meanwhile, I have managed to get my first half page and page one completed.  The overall theme for this swap is 'Favorite Things' and one of my favorite things is writing short little stories to go with my drawings.  I usually do them on a whim, and not too often, so this is going to be a challenge.  But here goes nothing....!

Translation: Traveling the spacelanes in the Red Light district of Cosmonotopolis can be confusing for the off-world tourist.

Called the 'Red Light' because of the the red dust mites indigenous to the area, visitors flock to the site seeking the attractive coloration of their skin that occurs from exposure to the mites.  No vacation can be considered successful without this 'badge' of color.

No is certain where the city's nickname of 'Suntan City' hails from.
~blurb from the Cosmonotopolis Tourist Guide