New Tangle Pattern and Review of the Stillman & Birn Delta Series Sketchbook-Day 2

 Yesterday I began my review of the Stillman & Birn Delta Series sketchbook.  For the specs, and to see how this sketchbook performed with neopastels, please check out Day 1.

Today I am showing you a bleedthrumanade.  Many of you already know, but for those who don't, I decided a while back to take advantage of the color bleed-through that often occurs when using alcohol markers.  Instead of bemoaning the mess on the back, I turn the page and use whatever color shows through to create a second piece of art.  When life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade.  When it hands you marker bleed-through, you should make bleedthrumanades, lol.

I used Spectrum Noir alcohol markers on the front of the page.  The color was bright, but not brilliant.  The color dried quickly, which makes it harder to avoid streaks.  There are methods to do that (circular motions, layers, etc), but I like the texture that streaks give, so I just left them.

There was very little color bleedthrough.  About 10% or less.  I was using brand new markers, very juicy, so this is very good.  Except for a bleedthrumanade, lol.  The challenge is to use whatever the paper gives you, so I had to think a bit for this one.

On the front, I used Micron Pigma Black .08 and .02 to add Zentangle®-Inspired patterns, including a new one--Background #7 of my Steampunk Series.  The pattern steps can be found at the bottom of this post.

I added additional color using Sakura Gellyroll pens in Copper, Gold, Silver and white Pentel Sunburst gel pen.

Suspension Bridge

For the back of the page, I switched to a Micron Pigma brush pen in Sepia.  I drew auras around the patches of color, and then added patterns in the spaces between.

Twilight Meadow

The tangle pattern Background #7 can be varied easily by spacing the circles differently or by changing the type of striping.

These tangle pattern steps were drawn in one of Geneviève Crabe's Tangle Organizers.

Tomorrow I'll show you some pages I've done with colored pencils; Pitt Big Brushes and metallic gellyrolls, and the back of another bleedthrumanade.

Day 1, Day 3, Day 4 


  1. OHHHHH I so love your use of color and patterns.


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