Review of the Stillman & Birn Delta Series Sketchbook-Day 3

This week I'm doing an overview of the Stillman & Birn Delta Series sketchbook 7x7 in.  You can find my previous review pages on Day 1 and Day 2.

This is actually the back page of a Bleedthrumande (see Day 2 if you aren't sure what that is).  The front will be shown tomorrow with other pages that use a Faux metal technique.  I used a Micron Pigma .08 and outlined the blotches of color that bled through from the Copic Markers used on front of the page, then just rambled on at random.  Microns work beautifully on this paper--no feathering and the lines are crisp and clear.  The paper texture is rough, so you need to apply either a heavy hand (bad for Microns) or layer to get complete coverage in the darker areas.

I used my Lyra Rembrandt colored pencils for this page.  Here the roughness of the paper really works well,   allowing for several layers of color.

This was one of my 'saves'-.  While I was taping some cardboard to another page, I dropped my tape.  I use Miracle tape so it adheres quite well, and I tore quite a chunk of the fibers up at the top left corner getting it loose.  Feeling it was already a booboo page, I decided to try stamping on it, knowing the texture was probably too rough.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, but this isn't the paper to use for clear and crisp stamped images.

As it turned out, once I added color to the torn fibers, it was almost as though they healed!  I can't even feel them anymore.  I was amazed.

I chose to use Pitt Big Brush pens.  These are pigment ink pens that I find excellent for covering details I don't want seen.  I blended several colors, and then used Sakura Metallic Gellyrolls and Pentel White Sunburst to add my tangle patterns.

Tomorrow I'll show you some pages I made integrating a faux metal look.  Plus there will be a new tangle pattern!

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