New Daycraft Diaries and Journal!

I want to thank Mr. Foreal Lee of Tai Shing Diary Ltd for sending me some fantastic Daycraft Diaries and a Notebook to review.

I'm going to review each of these separately once I have the chance to run them through their paces, but I thought I'd give you a peek.

From top, going left to right: Executive Diary A5 size; Animaland Diary (elephant version), A6 size; and an Expresso Notebook A6 size.

There will be a giveaway!  Since there are two diaries (Dayplanner) and I prefer a smaller one that I can carry in my purse, I'm going to give away the Executive Diary.  I'll have used a few pages for the purposes of trying out the paper, but I'll try to make it pretty enough to add value.

Keep an eye out for the post.  I'm shooting to have the first review and starting the giveaway on Monday!

Meanwhile,  I want to mention how impressed I was with the packaging of these products.  The Executive Diary was bracketed with two sheets of thin cardboard.  The brad and loop were protected a foam cushion and another small piece of cardboard was inserted under the loop to protect the edges of the diary.  

The accompanying letter was printed on a nice sheet of Kraft paper that I'll use for one of my projects, as I will the shredded paper that was used to surround the books.

I also received a Daycraft 'Make my Day' 2013 Catalog, and I have to say, it's cool.  Kraft paper cover with embossed title, and pages that are sturdy enough for altering.  When I'm done drooling over the products, I'll be repurposing this catalog for an art journal!  

Nothing will go to waste, because I reuse the boxes too.

Out of the three products I received, one is elegant, one is adorable and one is fun and funky (a pre-stained notebook, lol).  You can tell that Daycraft has something for everyone.  

Don't take my word for it--head over to their website  and check out all the goodies.  And remember, those are Hong Kong dollars so the price will be different (cheaper in the U.S.  The rates vary day to day, but $129HK is approximately $16US).  

To make things even better Daycraft offers free International postage.