Surprise gift from Bonnie Jean Woolger

So life got away from me in June and July.  I wasnt' posting much, but I received some pretty cool stuff, some as prizes, some products for review and one surprise package from Bonnie Jean Woolger.

It was an awesome package and I'd been hoping to do something with part of it before posting about it, but time--that ever elusive element that you can't see, and can't touch, but that affects your day and life so much!--is getting away from me again, so I decided I'd show off the goodies she sent me.

I did a little research on the journals but couldn't find too much information.  The large spiral bound has a label declaring it to be a Kraft Jumbo (and I can't wait to do something with that Kraft cover!).  You can't really tell from the scan, but the $1.57 journal has a 3D cover that shows you bananas when you move it in the light.  It's an Andy Warhol that is lined on one side and blank on the other with light green tinted paper.

The paper in that stack are 'Due Date' slips for library books--fantastic for collage, etc. and did you see?  Textured CLAYBORD!!!!!  I love that stuff!  I'm trying to think of something marvelous to do with it.

So thank you Bonnie!  I'm sorry this took so long to post!  One of the reasons I hate commitments!  I always have to put them first instead of doing what takes my fancy--and my fancy is defnitely taken by these wonderful gifts!