Blockheads Make N Take - Sept 1st 2012

Using Tim Holtz Distress Markers to stamp with.

I missed this make'n'take but caught the next one on embossing using a couple of different techniques.

I felt really stupid using the rainbow technique for the top one.  When you emboss you stamp, pour on the powder, and then tap the excess powder back into the jar.  I was using three colors and I got so caught up in deciding my colors that I poured on all three.  Which means it was impossible to tap the excess back--a waste of powder.  I should have known better!

I only bring this up because everyone was so gracious about my mistake.  I'm clearly experienced enough to know better, but I was made to feel completely at ease.  If you hesitate to go for a make'n'take because you don't have experience, or worry that you'll make mistakes then you have no excuse, lol!

The classes are short, easy and you'll be made to feel completely at home.  The name 'Blockheads' was chosen because the company understands how it feels to begin learning something new.

I'm enjoying the make-n-takes because I get the chance to try out new things and expand on what I know without buying products only to find they aren't quite what I wanted or needed.

Live in the Portland, Oregon area?  The Blockheads Brick & Mortar store is located at:

7201 NE Glisan Street Suite C

Portland OR 97213-6369

You can find a schedule of upcoming Make'n'Takes at:  

And if you don't live in the area, the link takes you to the Blockheads online store where you can tutorials, design team project, galleries and tons and tons of cool rubber stamps!

Oh, and I have this thing--I never feel a project is 'mine' until I draw on it, lol!  I didn't add much, but a doodle or two with a white Pentel gel pen and I felt my tags were complete.