Round 08-Rhodia Journal Swap-Page 1

The theme for the Rhodia Journal Swap is 'Favorite Things'.  I'm stretching this, because this round I'm drawing in Julie Bynum's journal and I know that two of her favorite things are her Akitas Jewelz and Kota.  Since dogs, in general, are a favorite thing of mine, I'm drawing her akitas. Since I don't know the dogs, and their colors are in the black, gray and brown range, I decided to stay with just black & white pen drawings.

I'm a bit worried though.  Somehow, a setting was changed on my PC so that I have square view on a widescreen monitor.  Usually, I scan my work in and it gives me something I can use to check my values and perspective.  But the view is so wacked now, that I can't trust what I'm seeing.  I hope there aren't any obvious errors.  Wish I could figure out how to get the proper view back!