Shoplet Review-House of Doolittle Weekly/Monthly 2013 Planner & DeskPad Calendar

'Tis the season, already,  where people are looking for the planners that will be at their side through the upcoming year.  So i wasn't surprised that my latest review package from Shoplet was a couple of 2013 planners--a Wirebound Weekly/Monthly planner and a Desk Pad Calendar.

House of Doolittle is proud of the fact that they use recycled products and that their calendars are made in the USA.   

House Of Doolittle® Wirebound Weekly/Monthly Planner 2013

Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Page Color: White with Blue/Gray lines and print
Cover: Simulated leather-black
Binding: Wirebound
Extras: Personal Property Info Page
2013 Year at a glance
Important Dates Page
U.S. Time Zone Page
Address Page
8 Memo Pages
In Case of Emergency Page
100% Recycled post-Consumer paper
100% Made in the USA
90% Recycled Wire
50% Recycle Cover Material
Printed with Soy Inks

The Weekly/Monthy Wirebound planner has tabs running down the side to make it easy to flip to the month you want.

Each month has a two-page spread showing the entire month with 4 lines per day, and a column for Notes running along the side of the page.   There are small reference calendars for six months running along the top of the page.

Each week also has a two-page spread with the days broken into hourly increments, and two lines for each hour.  Small calendars for the previous and following months are on the right, above the column for notes.  There are also 7 lines for memos at the bottom of each daily column.

The paper is fairly thin with a hard, smooth surface.  

I did some testing, writing and doodling with rollerballs, gel pens, fabric-tipped ink pens, metallic gel pens and fountain pens.

The ink goes down nicely with no feathering, or smudging.  I did get a little skipping with Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel pen. 

The fabric tipped artpen on the left and the Zebra ZMulsion pen on the right did show-through with spots of bleed-through (I cut and pasted the affected areas rather than throwing another whole huge photo at you).  Mind you, I was doodling  and saturating the area.  I feel the amount coming through to the back is about standard for planners in this price range. If you are a heavy-handed writer or doodle a lot, you might take some care in choosing the pens you use.  

The House Of Doolittle® Wirebound Weekly/Monthly Planner 2013 is a no-nonsense planner, flexible enough in both physical form and layout to be useful for almost anyone anywhere.  It won't jump out at you, rather sitting discreetly behind the scenes until you need it.  

At 8 1/2 by 11 inches, it has some weight to it, and takes up some real estate, but this also means there is plenty of room to write and draw during those long meetings!

House Of Doolittle® Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar w/Large Notes Section

Size: 18 1/2 x 13
Page Color: White with Blue/Gray lines and print
Corner: Simulated leather-black
Binding: Glued Headband
Format: One Month per Page
Extras: 2013 full year reference calendars on each page
Timeline of the House of Doolittle conversion to recycled products
100% Recycled post-Consumer paper
100% Made in the USA
Printed with Soy Inks

It was difficult to get a good photo for you because of the large size, but the House Of Doolittle® Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar w/Large Notes Section is a pretty standard desk pad calendar.

Each square provides plenty of room for notes, plus there is a column to the right if you need more room for writing.  The squares are perfect for doodling, lol!

I tried out a ballpoint, gel pen, fountain pen, and a fabric tipped art pen.  The lines were clean and crisp with no feathering or smearing.  There was some show-through and some bleed-through to the back of the page.  However, since there is nothing on the back, what matters is that the bleed-through was not so bad that it reached the page beneath.   I feel the amount coming through to the back is about standard for calendars in this price range.

If you think you might use the back of the page (great for kids to doodle on, or to figure the layout for that next big project you're planning!) then you might want to be careful with the darkness of the pen.

The pages tear free easily and while the desk pad takes up real estate, it also makes it easy to see the notes you've written.

There isn't anything outstanding about the House of Doolittle Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar.  It's business-like, and well-designed for the use it is meant for.  The fact that it is 100% recycled and made in the USA make it all the more appealing for me.

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