Beveled bi-fold somewhatty-or-ever

Ah, getting old.  I know there's a name for these beveled pieces, but it escapes me.  Somewhatty-or-ever will have to do for now.

I went to the weekly make'n'take at the local Blockhead Paper Arts store yesterday, and got the chance to play with Goosebumps  texture spray.  We also played with Adirondack color washes and Dylusion Ink spray and stencils and stamps--great fun!

I decided to buy some of the matte version of the Goosebumps because I had the idea of using it to glue Micro Marbles to the page with it-sort of like suspending them in semi-clear gesso.

After I got the piece home, I grabbed a white and a gold gel pen, and an American Craft Precision pen and drew a young lady in the beveled inset, added Zentangle-inspired patterns around the rest.

It's all so shiny that it was difficult to get either a good scan or a good photo.

Then I tangled the outside.  I emphasized the micro marbles by outlining them with the black pen.  It was funny.  The marbles on both sides are the same color.  But on the right I added fewer to Goosebumps Matte spray that was already partially set.  They almost look like a hologram when you see them in the light.

On the left, I added a much thicker layer of the marbles immediately after spraying the Goosebumps.  It's still interesting, but I like the left side better.  I need to experiment with ways to control the marbles better--I'm thinking maybe mixing them in the spray before hand and slathering them on.

I'll let you know!

Blockhead Paper Arts brick & mortar store:

7201 NE Glisan Street Suite C

Portland OR 97213-6369