Plike paper and more--available online

Gruppo Cordenons  

A while back I wrote a review about Plike paper, a product from Gruppo Cordenons, and I've used it in several projects since.  At that time, the company was in the process of setting their online store, and you can now order Plike (or other paper from their excellent range). 

Prices vary, and some of the papers, such as Plike, require special handling, such as extended drying times for the ink.  But they have such interesting textures and produce such an elegant finished product!

I have other paper sample pamphlets from the company, and I have to apologize to them.  I was busy for a while, and the samples fell out of my view and...well, out of sight, out of mind.  I'll be amending that, and experimenting. I'll be letting you know my results.

If you wish to check out their products, you can find them at the Gruppo Cordenons Fulfillment store.