Today's Mail-Review of the Daycraft Signature Notebook A5 size

I've been winning big this December!

Today I received two of my prizes, one of which was a Daycraft Signature notebook, A5 size, in light green with dark green trim.

For further information on how this notebook performs, please see Part II of my review, which has writing and drawing examples.

Before going further, I want to remind people of three things when ordering from Daycraft:

1. Prices are listed in Hong Kong dollars.  For instance, the price on the notebook I'm showing here is HKD $159, which works out to approximately $20.50 USD today.  If you aren't sure how to tell google your dollar versus HKD and you'll find a program that will convert it for you.

2. Daycraft has products with texts in Chinese, as well as English.  Make sure you order the language (and size) that you want.

3. Daycraft has FREE Worldwide shipping.  All the time! 

I was notified that I had won this notebook on the 12/8 and received it on 12/19.  Pretty good turnaround for this time of the year, all the way from Hong Kong to Oregon, USA!

I'm still working on a couple of Christmas presents so I decided I'd give you the overall review today, and do one with art and pen tests in a week or two.

The Specs:
176 blank pages
Page color: cream with dark green edging
Format: 6.5mm lined
Paper Weight: 100 gsm
Size: 151x212 mm (A5)/8.3 x 5.8 in
Cover: Fine Italian PU
Extras: Color co-ordinated green bookmark ribbon

The cover is plain without adornment except for a very small 'Daycraft' debossed in the back corner.  The color isn't flourescent enough to be lime but is in that family.  The inside cover and edging is somewhere between pine and teal.

While the book is too large for most pockets it is very flexible.  You can fold it nearly in half, front to back (I wouldn't for long though.  Eventually, you'd crease the cover).

You can also fold pages completely to the back.

The pages have some spring to them, but once you've folded the book like this (carefully), they will lie flat.

The pages are lists as cream color. They seem to have a greenish cast to my eye, but I suspect it is reflected light and may not appear that way all the time.

The cover is a leather-like Italian PU that is soft too the touch and oh-so-flexible.  It will pick up nicks and scuffs, though. I ran my fingernail across it, lightly, and it did scar.  You do have to hold it a certain way to see it, but I suspect more pressure would result in a more visible scar.

I love the look and feel of this notebook.  I'll probably use it for drawing despite the ruled lines, but it would be fantastic for journaling, diary keeping or note-taking.  It's very light for it's size and I wouldn't hesitate to carry it, though I'd want it in something to help protect it from scuffing.

I want to thank Daycraft for their fantastic giveaway!  I know I'll be coming using my Signature notebook with great pleasure.