The Uni Pin Pen and Drawings that don't satisfy, yet oddly enough, do

Another type of pen that I recently bought from is the Uni Pin Pen.  I really like it and have been drawing up a storm.  Sooner or later, I'll write a review on these pens, but hubby's on vacation and I'm having too much fun drawing with them to write the review right now, lol.

While I'm saving up the drawings I like, I've done a couple that I don't quite like.  I'm sharing them anyway because I like a few things about them--and because they are semi-realism.  I find I'm much more likely to be dissatisfied with realistic drawings because they don't match the image in my head, but often other people do like them.

I've learned to be dissatisfied but not unhappy with drawings like this.  Sharing them makes me open up to them and look for the things I do like.  

I didn't like what was happening with the fronds around the leopard and since the form of hatching I'm using is fairly time-intensive I decided to quit working on this one.  After a bit, I decided the white space--the unfinished feel--actually added to the piece.  And I like the tree trunk.  We'll see if the rest grows on me or not.

I'm actually not dissatisfied with this, but recognize its flaws.  I started this as an abstract with no plans to do buildings or streets.  But I'd seen a painting with roughly this layout earlier that day, and realized I elements of it into the drawing.  Then I decided to do so more purposely.  The perspective isn't good enough to work, nor exaggerated enough to be surreal.

Still, I like the ambience.  This wouldn't be bad for a practice run.  Maybe one of these days I'll actually plan the layout and do this properly.  Then again--I hate planning and figuring proper perspective, so maybe not, lol!

With both works, I really loved working with the Uni Pin pens--sizes .01, .02, and .03.  I haven't tested for water-proofing but I know this will be a go-to pen for black & white.