Review of the Midori B6 Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a notebook cover I had fancied up using Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay®.  What I didn't go into was the contents of the notebook, and I think you'll be interested in them.

The Midori B6 Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook is a spiral-bound collection of 12 window envelopes. 

Pretty cool, huh?  I was entranced that minute I saw the product. I'm always looking for places to stuff away receipts and ephemera and what not.  The Honeybee seemed perfect

Even better the notebook has a plain chipboard cover that's perfect for decorating as you wish (as you saw above!)

Ther are two Sizes: 

130 x 90 (approx 5 x 3.5 in)
193 x 130 mm (approx. 7.5 x 5 in).  

Midori also has a 'Kangaroo' version with white envelopes that don't have windows.

But what about quality?  

The chipboard cover is light and flexible.  I saturated it with Golden Soft Gel medium and glued on a magazine page, some woven bark paper and then stuck on several paperclay items. The cover bowed a little bit from the moisture, but didn't bend.  I carefully weighted it down (so as not to break the paperclay items) and the bow straightened out.

The envelopes are a medium heavy kraft paper--stiff, but still flexible.  They are evenly folded and well-glued.  I don't see any loose areas, and I think they will hold up well to having items inserted and removed often.  There is no glue on the flaps, or any means of fastening them.

While both the notebook and envelopes are a decent size, they are not designed to expand, which will limit how much can be placed in each envelope.  

The spiral binding is sturdy, and generous enough to accept the volume that will occur as items are added to the envelopes.  

The Midori B6 Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook is a nice little item, though I wouldn't have minded a heavier chipboard cover.  While a design that allowed more expansion would have been nice, this is a good size for carrying around or sliding into already crammed areas.  

I bought three of these. As well as decorating the cover, I intend to tangle all the envelopes and give them as Christmas/Birthday gifts that are both functional and beautiful!

Where can you find them?  

The European Paper Company carries the Honey Bee and Kangaroo versions in both sizes (as well as the Polar Bear, which has standard blank paper rather than envelopes).  Follow the link and type in 'Midori Honey Bee' in the search window.

This leads me to a disclaimer.  I am an associate of the European Paper Company and if you buy a product after following this link (or clicking on the widget in the sidebar), I may receive compensation.  However, I bought the Midori Honey Bee because I wanted it, and was not asked to write this review and will not receive compensation for writing it.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.