UNSCRIPTED SKETCHES #211 challenge/Rhodia Journal Swap

Every Saturday morning Unscripted Sketches post a layout sketch, with a challenge for you to use it and link-up for others to see how it's been used.  I've eyed it for a while, thinking I should try to incorporate one of the sketches into something I'm doing.  You know how it is.

You think you should do it, but life is busy, and you just don't.

This week however, when I looked at the sketch, I had a flash of inspiration.

One of my favorite songs is the Louis Armstrong version of What a Wonderful World.  Since the theme for the Rhodia Journal Swap is 'favorite things', I wanted to draw something based on the song.

When I looked at the sketch, I knew what I wanted to do.

To check out the challenge --> UNSCRIPTED SKETCHES #211