Review: The Art of Zentangle-50 Inspiring Drawings, Designs & Ideas for the Meditative Artist

50 Inspiring drawings, designs & ideas for the meditative mrtist 
by Margaret Bremner, Norma J. Burnell, Penny Raile, & Lara Williams 

Paperback: 144 pages
Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 0.7 x 11.6 inches

The Art of Zentangle is written by four of the most talented Certified Zentangle Teachers out there.

It is a workbook, first and foremost.  There are blank spaces and blank pages throughout so that you can practice what you've learned from the book.  But that doesn't mean the authors have stinted on content.  Oh no, they've come up with plenty for you to read and do!

The book slants toward Zentangle-Inspired Art rather than the traditional Zentangle method (though it does touch on the traditional as well).  You'll learn to tangle hummingbirds and fairies and zendalas and delightful and whimsical creatures as well as borders and frames!  There are specific projects for you to create and patterns for you to practice.

The illustrations are gorgeous, and the instructions are simple and clear.  The authors have done a fabulous job of integrating both writing and drawing styles so the reader never feels jolted as they move from one author to the next.

Even someone with no drawing or tangling experience will be able to use this book. Projects are done in a step-by-step method that leads you through the process, and you are given tips and techniques in drawing and relaxing as well as tangling.  Still, the experienced will have something to learn, and will find it easy to expand on what is being taught.

I don't believe that any of the tangles in the book are new, but some, such as Flux may never have been posted online.

In conclusion, this is a book that will be useful for tanglers, doodlers, art journalists, scrapbookers and crafters of all kinds. It's fun, full of information and you'll be able to spend hours working on your new skills.

Tangles included are: Flux, Hollibaugh, Roxi, Pokeleaf, Dragonair, Chainlea, Printemps, Cadent, Shing, Poppet, Zippee! and Twink.
Projects included are: Fish Aquarium, Fantasy Garden, Tangly Toadstools,Silhouette Tangles, Hummingbird, Fairy, Zentangle Mandala, Mandala Stencil String, Glitter Tangles and Tangled Frame.
Other subjects: Tools & Materials, Getting Started, Enhancements, Patterns & Borders, Creatures & Sillies, Tangled Motifs, Channeling Picasso, Finding Inspiration, ZIA Fairies, Getting Centered, and Creating Strings.