Review of SoHo Urban Artist Professional Colored Pencils Tin Set of 12

Recently I won a set of 12 Soho Urban Artis Professional Colored Pencils from Colored Pencil Magazine.  Well, not so recently!  I was working on this review when my PC went belly-up, and by the time I was up and running again, I forgot that I hadn't posted it.  That's the trouble with working on more than one review at a time.

I just happened to notice the draft yesterday, and remembered the picture I was working on.  Rather than wait to do more work and take photos, I decided to write a very quick review.

The Soho Urban is Jerry's Artarama's brand.  I received the set of 12 which comes in a tin box.  The colors are Permanent White, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Medium, Crimson, Sanguine, Light Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Cobalt Violet, Permanent Green Deep, Permanent Green Light, and Ivory Black.

These pencils sharpen well, without breaking.  They are soft. Not as soft as Coloursoft, but softer than Prismacolor.  They're less waxy than Prismacolor, and I find it easier to build layers without hazing.  These are labeled 'Professional' and are definitely more color-intense than any student brand I've used.  However, I would put them on the less intense end.

Overall, these would be a good brand for someone looking to step up to a Professional color pencil but find price to be an issue.  I won't be using them to replace my Lyra Rembrandts, but I'll be using them on a regular basis.

I want to thank Colored Pencil Magazine for their giveaway, which gave me the chance to share this product with you!  You can find out about the Magazine at:

Colored Pencil Magazine blog                                  

Colored Pencil Magazine Facebook                         

Colored Pencil Magazine Website                      

Disclaimer:  I received these pencils as part of a giveaway.  Colored Pencil magazine did not ask me to write a review, and all opinion expressed are mine.

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