Creating Art at the Speed of Life' - Day 10 #PamCarriker #ArtAtTheSpeedOfLife #ArtJournaling

Today's post bears little resemblence to the lesson it was supposed to be, which centered around printer transfers.  I discovered long ago that my inkjet does work well for transfers.  Possibly it might work if I had the inkjet transfer acetate used in the lesson.  But I don't want to pay the money for a package and discover that it still doesn't work.

I thought hard about this lesson, and decided the essence of it was getting your images onto the page in a transparent state so that the background came through.

Silk tissue paper (aka rice paper, which is actually mulberry paper) goes completely transparent when you adhere it with soft gel medium, so that's what I chose to use.  Supposedly, I could tape the tissue paper onto a sheet of copy paper and print on it (I've heard this from many sources), but I'm afraid to...a printer jam is a fearsome thing.  So I decided to stamp and color with Sakura gellyrolls.

Hey! I actually like my writing this time.  I copied the text from a carton of Morton's Salt, lol, for the background.

The silk tissue paper went completely transparent... and then the wine spill happened.  The tissue soaked up the wine more than the surrounding areas.  Oh well.  It doesn't look bad, just not what I was going for.  In fact, I felt it almost finished the page.  I thought it still needed something, so I added the pink dots with a glaze pen and called it a day.