Creative Destruction Day Three - Wolf & Petunias

For those of you who haven't been following this week, I'm sharing pages from my Stillman & Birn Zeta journal that I destroyed because I wasn't happy with my work or because I used the page as a test.  Once I destroyed the work by covering it with paint or marker or medium, I then recreated it as another work.

I was playing with gel medium over certain areas of a Zentangle-Inspired piece.  I had to set it aside, and I thought the medium was dry enough to close the book.  A few weeks later, when I tried to open it, the pages had stuck together and part of the paper's surface tore when I separated them.

The textured you get from torn paper is one I like, so I switched gears, took out my Montana Markers and painted over the tangle patterns, while leaving the torn areas white.  I glued down bits from other artwork I had cut up (another way to destroy and re-create).  I had some dried petunias and I glued these down as well.