Review-'The Bauble Tree' A New E-Book by Sandra Steen Bartholomew

First off--here's a link to Sandy's post introducing her new ebook and her incredible deal.  You can get this $8.50 ebook for $1.00 until 12/25 with a discount code!  Of course, I bought it!

Sorry for the lack of images.  Sandy's post just came out last night, so I haven't had the chance to do any artwork based off of it, but if I don't do the review now, it won't get done before Christmas, and I wanted to let you all know what the book is about.

Ebook - electronic format only
35 pages

In the years that I've been doing Zentangle, there are several questions that come up consistently.  How do I shade? How do I decide which tangles to use?  Traditional Zentangle recommends that you don't worry and do what you can to avoid thinking about process, so you can 'zen' as you draw.

Still, the questions arise.  They aren't always easy to answer, because each artist approaches such things in different ways.  Sandy's solution is to show you her way, step-by-step, breaking down the process into images.  Her instructions are spiced with her trademark humor.  You won't be able to tense up while trying her techniques because she'll have you laughing.

Her explanations are brief but clear, with lots of images to show you exactly what she's talking about.

The book doesn't have chapters, but is broken into two sections--drawing a Zentangle-inspired piece and coloring one.  The subject of the drawing is a tangled Christmas tree--the Bauble tree.

The content:
Steps to Bauble tangle
A Note on Materials
Let's Start--describes how to draw the tree, step-by-step, and shares some thoughts about why she chose the tangles she did.
Now It's Finished--describes how to make ribbons look shiny
Working with Sheer Heaven--introduction to Sheer Heaven Inkjet transfer film (I'm going to get some of this!) and how to print and transfer your work to another piece of paper so you can keep your B&W version and color it too.

The section on color isn't broken down with titles as the first section is but discusses the materials used for color, the colors chosen and why, and briefly touches on how to keep washes easy, how to create dimension with color, and shading for roundness.

The Bauble Tree is fun, easy and helpful.  It's more of a workbook than a text book, but you'll learn some theory by doing and having fun while doing so.